Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Go Scavenger is Sydney’s #1 fully hosted and professionally developed scavenger hunt event.  Simple, fast and fun, its ideal for groups of friends to celebrate a birthday.  It will mix your crowd up and give everyone something to chat about.

For Teen’s Birthday Parties – see this page

For this event we don’t recommend drink stops as it works much better to keep going and meet at the finish venue for drinks.  But you will get 100’s of great pictures of your friends PLUS many moments of fun and laughter.

To bring you a hosted event to you at a low price, Go Scavenger utilises the award winning ActionTrack free app to pose questions, direct teams around the course, collect answers and take photos and videos.

Your friendly host adds layers of fun and challenge to the app tasks.  Tasks requiring teamwork, trust, problem solving, creativity and social intelligence round out this event to make it highly engaging, beneficial and memorable.

Here are some example questions that show the app in action:  

This activity has been designed to suit everyone and has broad appeal, the app is simple to use for people of all ages (but of course, even easier for “digital natives”.

There are 3 courses:

1. The Rocks and Circular Quay, starting in Cumberland Street, finishing on the Rocks side of Circular Quay.

2. The City Centre and Circular Quay, starting at Wynyard and including 2/3 of Circular Quay, finishing on the Rocks side.

3. Darling Harbour & Cockle Bay, a circular course that starts and finishes in Darling Harbour.

In all cases, the app will guide you to questions that feature a mix of historic and contemporary sites.  Questions will be answered as photos, videos or text.  Throughout the event teams must use design thinking, consensus, teamwork, problem solving and a high degree of observational awareness.

At 2 checkpoints you meet the host for “analogue” style tasks.   These activities are generally creative and some require teams to engage with people in the area and build rapport.


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Event Benefits for Hen’s Parties:

  • Enjoy the Awesome Areas of Sydney (Very Photogenic Backgrounds!)
  • Inclusive and Encourages New Friendships
  • Utilises Strengths of Each Team Member
  • Problem Solving and Creativity
  • Shared Experience
  • Heaps of Fun & Laughter

  Suits groups from 8 – 40 people

 Friendly, experienced host runs social activities

Designed by scavenger hunt virtuoso

  Directed by ingenious ActionTrack app on your phone 

  Tasks include photo & text answers, videos & social

Timing: The event takes around 2 – 2.5 hours

 Paced to suit your group, short walking distance

Available 7 days – Starting from 10am to 3.30pm

  You compete in sub teams of 5-6 people

  Mix of app use with photos, video, creative and social

Priced from $800Click here to get your quote