Days, Times & Timing

We are available 7 days per week

We can start at a time that suits you from 10am – 3pm in Winter and 4pm in Summer (daylight savings time)

The event generally runs for a shade over 2 hours (depending on the speed of the group)

At the end there is a short winners presentation / wrap up, we can hold this in a park or at a pre booked venue.

Is the App Easy to Use? How Does the App Work?

Upon arrival at the start we install the ActionTrack app on one team member’s fully charged smart phone.  (Works best on the Telstra network).  Once downloaded, the event can continue even if the phone loses touch with the network.

The app is very easy to use and we do a 3 minute briefing at the start to make sure everyone understands it.

All of the following functions are included in the app.

  • Allocating tasks and asking questions

  • Providing directions between checkpoints (checkpoints are where the next task or questions in)

  • Accepting answers in the form of text, multiple choice, photos and videos

See this link which shows how the questions look on the app;

What Kind of Questions are Asked?

There are a mix of observational questions and lots of photography.  The questions are not difficult or tricky, really just there to keep you looking around and interacting.

There are also some more challenging tasks; a creative activity and tasks requiring you to interact with people in the area (mainly tourists who enjoy being involved).  There are also some bonus tasks for teams that arrive early at the checkpoints.

See this link which shows how the questions look on the app;

Minimum and Maximum Group Size?

This has been designed as an intimate event for small groups.  Our other business, Sydney Amazing Race caters really well for groups of 40 or more people.

The smallest group we have worked with is 6 people in 2 teams of 3.   I feel 4 is a better number for a team and 5-7 in a team is ideal.

The largest group we work with on this event is 40 people in 6 teams of 6-7 people.

As noted, please check out our other website; Sydney Amazing Race if you have a group larger than 40 people as we have brilliant options there.



Please book in at your estimated group size – extra people can be added later.

6  – 10 people – competing in 2 teams is $975
11 – 14 people – competing in 2 teams is $1,050
15 – 20 people – competing in 3 teams is $1,175
21 – 25 people – competing in 3 teams is $1,300
26 – 30 people – competing in 4 teams is $1,425
31 – 35 people – competing in 5 teams is $1,550
36 – 40 people – competing in 6 teams is $1,675

Extra people on the day (max 5 people) are $40 each.

GST is added for ABN holders.


You can change your date once for free up until 8 days prior to the event
50% refund can be made for cancellations under certain conditions.

Why Is This Event So Cheap?

Those who have shopped around with other team building and scavenger hunt companies will know that hosted events are generally much more expensive than Go Scavenger.   (We know that because we also have a team building company).  

In order to deliver a high quality event at such a low price we designed this scavenger hunt to:

  • Simple booking system to reduce overhead
  • Reduced set up costs, staff time and heavy, expensive equipment
  • Created an event that could be managed by a single host
  • Leveraged technology, to make use of a robust app that is flexible enough to deliver a great event and has been extensively tested.

However the things we haven’t compromised on are:

  • Responsiveness and customer service
  • Creative, engaging tasks and activities
  • A friendly, professional host
  • Fun, fun, fun!


Age of Participants (Private Groups / Birthday Parties)

The event is has been designed to suit everyone from 12 years upwards.

For birthday parties, for participants 12-16 years, we like to include a responsible adult in each group.

We can include siblings from 7 – 11 in a group with their parents.  (under 7, the event will not be suitable).

Booking Terms

Booking is via a confirmation email or phone call with your chosen course, date, numbers and timing included, plus your company details for invoicing purposes (if applies). The full amount is due within 8 days of booking.   If not received we retain the right to rebook the time slot.  We accept direct debit payments or credit cards and don’t charge a surcharge.

Postponement & Cancellation

You can change dates once without penalty until 8 days prior to the event.   

Postponing in the week prior to the event costs $100.  If you have to postpone due to a very bad weather forecast (over 10 mm of rain with 80% chance) this will be waived. 

If you postpone without a rebooking date we will keep your payment as a credit for 6 months and retain the right to charge a service fee of $100 if additional admin has been required.

 2nd or further postponements attract a $100 service fee.

Cancellation:  If your full payment is received more than 30 days before your date and you notify us to cancel more than 8 days prior to your event we will refund 50% of your payment. Within a week of the event we are unable to offer refunds.  We recommending finding a new date within 6 months as we happily hold your payment as a credit.

Bad Weather On the Day

This is an outdoor activity and 90% of the time, the weather is not a factor and teams have a brilliant time. This event can go ahead as planned in most conditions.  The exception would be a forecast of 80% chance of rain over 5mm in the time slot or a temperature of over 38 degrees.

We routinely do a weather check 48 hours prior to the event and if the forecast is unfavourable we will consult you by email. We allow for one free postponement to a new confirmed date at no cost.   2nd or further postponements attract a $100 administration fee (unless related to bad weather or other unavoidable events).

Additional Courses

We currently have 3 courses; 2 Sydney City courses (The Rocks and Sydney City / Wynyard) and 1 at Darling Harbour.

Q: Can You Develop New Courses?

A:   Potentially yes if  

>>    The area you would like is an interesting, popular, high traffic area

>>     The event date is more than 4 weeks away

Please enquire about this via our CONTACT US page

Fitness Requirements & Special Needs

The activity is only moderately physically challenging and has been enjoyed by people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Anyone with concerns should know that at least an hour of walking is involved, with opportunities to rest briefly at checkpoints.  We strongly discourage running.

Psychological Comfort:
Participants are always given a choice regarding tasks and no one is forced to do anything they may be uncomfortable with.

Special Needs:
Unfortunately, the current courses are unsuitable for wheelchair users or the vision impaired.  Pregnancy or minor injury should be OK if the person has average or better underlying fitness.   Some courses include stairs.   Darling Harbour is a flat course, the Sydney City course is also physically easy.

Insurance and Risk Assessment

Insurance and Liability
Team Bonding, Sydney Amazing Race and Go Scavenger are divisions of Social Life Pty Ltd – is fully insured for all our activities, with $10 million (per occurrence) public liability insurance with SportsCover. Our legal advice has indicated that should any injuries occur, your group are covered by their existing Workcover workers compensation provisions.

Safety of participants is of paramount importance at our events, we work hard to ensure everyone is safe and gets the maximum enjoyment from our events. We are unable to carry extra water, sun hats or rain ponchos so we ask that participants bring water and come prepared for either sun or rain.

First Aid:
Your host has a compact first aid kit, including sunscreen, band aids, aspirin, electrolytes and at least one bottle of water. All hosts carry mobile phones and all the courses are accessible by emergency services.

During the group briefing, we ask teams to compete at a comfortable walking pace and not to run. We also make it a rule for teams to stay together at all times and take care of each other.

Contact Numbers:
All checkpoints are staffed and teams have a mobile number for any problems that arise. Before heading off, our staff ask for a contact number for each team. 

Privacy Policy

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