Go Scavenger is an offshoot of Australia’s premier team building events company, Team Bonding. 

Team Bonding has been operating since 2007.  We’ve run thousands of Amazing Race style events with our corporate clients.   The catch?  These brilliant events are beyond the budget of most groups of private individuals, schools, small companies and not-for-profits.

All of these clients really wanted to work with us, but needed a budget friendly Scavenger Hunt!

Cate Richards, the owner of Team Bonding and Sydney Amazing Race knew about the opportunity to offer a fun Scavenger Hunt event to smaller teams for a lower price.  But how??   Any new version still has to deliver all of our key promises:

>>  Fun for all types of teams
>>  Engaging, safe and inclusive
>>  Builds relationships and memories
>>  Delivers great value for money

Having spent years designing extraordinary team building activities, Cate is highly skilled at designing team events.  She understands where to look for interesting questions and the need to build in just enough challenge to keep things interesting but not enough to stump people. 

Cate knows how to pace the flow of tasks, distance and timing for an awesome Scavenger Hunt.  Challenging for anyone else, but none of these things were difficult for the owner of Team Bonding!

What Cate needed was a smart platform – if Go Scavenger was going to deliver a great event for a lower price we needed an innovative technology partner to deliver a “no compromise” event that was as engaging and “real world” as our corporate Amazing Race.

The platform had to be rock solid and easy to use.  It also had be absolutely reliable and work every time for every group.  It had to have simple logic and but enough flexibility to enable our creative ideas to flourish.    A world wide search yielded some interesting apps, but nothing with the agility we required.   Cate finally found Kari Laurila in Finland.   Finally we had a worthy partner, TAZ via their excellent app – Action Track  (see below)


Go Scavenger is powered by the ingenious app platform “ActionTrack”. 

ActionTrack was designed by ex-Nokia programmer, Kari Laurila of Team Action Zone, based in Tampere, Finland.

Rock solid and simple to use, the award winning Action Track platform combines navigation via GPS signals with custom coding to underpin this event.  

Questions are easy to read and answer.  They’ve are selected to bring the group’s attention to areas of interest in each location. You are directed to the vicinity of the challenge and after you’ve completed your tasks, you are guided to the next stop with the help of a GPS enabled map.

Once a pre determined amount of time elapses a message directs you immediately to a manned checkpoint where your host will be to brief you on the “social” challenges that set our event apart.

The most important aspect in including cutting edge technology was to still be able to deliver a dynamic, interactive scavenger hunt.  The technology platform had to be seamless so we could deliver the highly social, challenging, creative tasks and activities that we are so famous for.

On some courses (particularly Barangaroo in Sydney) there is even the option to include dynamic pokemon style electronic games played in open spaces and designed by a world leading game designer.

When combined with our event design know how to, Action Track is proving to be the ideal technology partner.  Secure, robust and flexible this partnership has been a great decision.  

The app includes:  Questions (codes, problem solving, creative tasks), course directions, time keeping and time prompt, answer inputs, photos, videos, surprise bonus questions, scoring & tally board and instant communications.

The host provides the special activities which are the creative, fun and challenging “hands on” tasks that get rave reviews every time.